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Otago Rail Trail & 
Southern Lakes

Our 8 Day cycling tour on the iconic Otago Rail Trail in Central Otago that has renewed many New Zealanders love of cycling. We have added cycle trails around the lakes of Central Otago and the MacKenzie country to make a really memorable week of cycling.
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Lower & Central 
North Island

Our 10 Day lower North Island cycling tour has some of the best cycling routes in the country, with quintessential back country farming scenery, gently undulating hills, native forest, and interesting country settlements. We have picked a selection of cycling highlights from this part of New Zealand, on mainly sealed quiet country roads. .
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Wilderness & Great Taste

Our 8 Day Christchurch to Nelson Off Road Tour showcases two of the best off-road cycle trails in the South Island, the Westland Wilderness Trail on the West Coast and the Great Taste Trail at the top of the South Island. We have put together an itinerary that links these two visually and geographically diverse trail experiences with cycling on rarely used bush roads through stunning beach forests.

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West Coast South Island 

Our popular 7 Day South Island and West Coast tour has a range of natural scenery from the Canterbury Plains to the West Coast, down to Jacksons Bay and back over the Southern Alps to the dry inland area of the Southern Lakes, plus wonderful accommodation. We have chosen April as this is generally a drier time of the year on the West Coast, and there is less traffic on the road at the end of summer.
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Tour Routes

8 Days 
South Island

The iconic Otago Rail Trail in Central Otago paired with the Alps2ocean trail
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10 Days 
Lower North Island

The best cycling routes with back country farming scenery, gently undulating hills & native forest.
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8 Days 
Upper West Coast

Our Christchurch to Nelson tour showcasing two of the best off-road cycle trails in the South Island
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7 Days 
Lower West Coast

From the Canterbury Plains to the West Coast, down to Jacksons Bay and back over the 
Southern Alps
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Asked Questions

Can I bring my own bike?

Most certainly, our bike racks accept most bike styles, including hybrid and road touring tandem bicycles.

What kind of pedals and seats do the bicycles have?

A ll rental bikes come with  flat pedals . If you prefer to ride with clipless (SPD etc.) pedals, we recommend you bring your own. The bike seats are comfortable ladies’ or mens’ gel saddles. For our multi day tours for your comfort we recommend you bring your own. We are only too happy to fit it for you.

What additional expense can I expect?

As we work with you to build your bicycle tour, we like to keep things as simple as possible so that the only extras are optional activities, like kayaking or flightseeing, and personal expenses including alcohol. We are however mindful that this is your tour and you may wish for example to choose where you eat on the day. In this case, some meals may be excluded at your choice.

Should I bring my own helmet?

We have quality helmets available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes; however, nothing fits like your own, so for a multi-day tour we recommend you bring your own.

What kind of bicycle do you provide?

Our most popular bikes are our Norco Scene VLT e bikes. We also offer the specizlized Roll, for non e bike riders Handlebar mirrors are available on request.

How big are the hills?

Not that big. New Zealand might be a mountainous country, but the roads generally follow the valleys, anyway what's the van for? So if you run out of puff, we'll be there.

When is the best time to cycle in NZ?

It depends on the exact route for your tour, however for the best weather on the West Coast South Island we recommend any time between Christmas and April. 
February is usually the hottest month, but remember you are cycling through temperate rain forest and although we can’t promise "four seasons in one day", its not that uncommon at any time of year!!

Can I get lost?

We provide detailed coloured maps, clearly showing the routes. Our guides will also be close by to assist you with directions. To see sample maps, please email us.

How safe are the New Zealand trails and roads?

Our tours are on either quiet backroads or the NZ trail network. The trails have a grading system, 1 is suitable for all cyclists, 2 for  regular cyclists, 3 for experienced cyclists. We dont operate tours on single track.
Everyone is encouraged to ride at your own speed. It is not a race.
From time-to-time slower riders will need to hop in the support vehicle, to keep the group together.
Your safety is our priority.

What is your Covid policy?

If a tour is cancelled because Government policy prevents to tour from proceeding due to Covid restrictions, you will get your money back. Sure, you can transfer to a future tour, but in the first instance, you need to know your money is safe, and will be returned. If you cancel for any other reason, standard cancellation conditions apply. .

Why don't your bikes have kickstands?

Lots of reasons, but number one is safety. A kickstand does nothing to make a bike safer, and adds unnecessary weight. This is not Europe with hot mixed bike paths everywhere. This is NZ.

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