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NZ Bicycle Tours is a small company with 33 years experience designing and guiding custom bike tours, throughout NZ
We offer fully supported bike tours, created just for you. 

These can be based on our trusted favourite tours, like the Otago Rail Trail, A2O combo, or the South Island West Coast, or a one off custom tour.

Brian Farrant and Carole Gibb take each tour, and are themselves keen road and off road cyclists who have guided groups from 2 to 22 from Taiwan, India, Japan, USA, Australia and New Zealand. They are supported by a small team of outdoor cycle guides, each with their own areas of expertise
Lynette Hartley, natural history, mountain biking and hiking
Dermot Hall,  Japanese guide, NZ history, and hiking
Tessa Coppard, cycle safety teacher, cyclist and musician
Mick Cooper, road and off road cyclist, organises bike tours in Australia 
Elder Bejar,  road and off road cyclist,  originally from Peru, now calls NZ home   
NZ Bike Tours logo

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